1.     The main objective of the course is to develop different software development skills in the students with current trends in IT industry as well as Business Management and to take up student at various positions such as System Analyst, System manager, software Engineers.

2.     To provide higher education to all the students irrespective of their socio-economic and religious status.

3.     To train the students as well as teachers to cope up with the changing needs of a modern dynamic society.

4.     To impart value-based education, embodying socio-cultural,scientific, commercial and physical training in order to achieve all round development of the personality of all students.

5.     To provide Career Oriented Courses, Distance Education,Education in Computer Applications, Remedial Coaching and Entry-in-Services Coaching along with conventional courses to the students and enhance their competence to meet the local as well asglobal needs.

6.     To inculcate in the students the values of regularity, punctuality, honesty, humanity, patriotism, environment awareness, national integration, work culture and communal harmony.

7.     To give special attention to the women empowerment programmes.